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ES Pro Peace Corner

September Edition of the Pro Peace Project


  • First Graders

    • Caleb Delp

    • Graham Savage

  • Second Graders

    • Rachel Sponseller

    • Allie Johnson

    • Sadie Freeman

  • Third Graders

    • Charlie Sponseller

    • Lia Hines

    • Kenzi Watson

  • 4th Grader

    • Chayse Collins

Meeting Minutes

  • What’s our vision of a peaceful school?

    • Students and teachers discussed some ideas of what a peaceful school looks like and how someone feels is important.

    • Students broke up into groups and created an illustration of their vision of a peaceful school and then shared their vision with the whole group.

      • Illustrations will be hanging in the cafeteria for all to look at.

  • Pro Peace Corner

    • The Pro Peace Corner will be on the LU-T website for people to check out and find information about the Pro Peace Project.

  • October 17th Meeting Agenda

    • Students will choose their creative medium for their project

    • Students and teachers will discuss Peer Conflict vs Bullying

    • Certificates will be made to invite students to the Pro Peace Project

  • Teacher Contacts

Upcoming Meetings

October 17th

November 14th

December 19th

January 23rd

February 13th

March 20th

April 10th

May 22nd
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