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Lion Report


Here's a sneak peek at the November 2016 Lion Report, a message from our Superintendent Todd Osborn!

From the Desk of Mr. Osborn, Superintendent


As you read though the November Lions Report you will recognize a lot of great things are happening at Liberty Union-Thurston Local Schools.  We have excellent teachers that motivate and challenge students to take ownership of their own learning.  We have students enjoying success in academics, the arts and athletics.  Liberty Union-Thurston is truly a “TRIPLE AAA” district and we are moving the needle as more of our staff and students are being recognized for accomplishments. 

          I would like to keep everyone informed of the educational happenings in Ohio.  (Mrs. Blackstone wrote an article on the new graduation requirements).  I am concerned that decisions on educational standards, assessments and graduation requirements are being made by bureaucrats with little to zero input from the local school district leaders.  A group of Ohio Superintendents organized some of the main concerns and approximately 200 public school superintendents and other educational leaders throughout the State representing over 70 Ohio Counties, will be gathering on the Ohio Capitol Steps on November 15 speaking about their concerns as a sign of their commitment to help close the gap between what many of Ohio’s citizens want and the Statewide education policies that are currently in place.

Superintendent of Shadyside Local Schools, John Haswell states, “the current high school graduation point system developed by the Ohio Board of Education is having a negative impact on a large percentage of our high school students.”  He said that, “approximately 40 percent of the students that took the State mandated end-of-year exams last year in Shadyside are in jeopardy of not graduating in 2018 and 2019.”  Haswell states, “the emphasis given to these standardized tests will have a negative impact on children throughout Ohio in the near future.  A score on a single exam has more weight than 180 days of classroom instruction.”  

In concluding, the Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission (RPC) is kicking off a year long process to update the county’s Comprehensive Plan and is seeking input from residents, schools and business owners to help prioritize goals, objectives, and policies for the plan.  The survey may be accessed by the following link:  https://s.zoomerang.com/r/PlanFairfield
          A Comprehensive Plan is a visioning document that will help shape the future of Fairfield County and serve as a policy document for development decisions in the unincorporated areas of the county.  It will examine a range of topics including demographics, economic development, land use, housing, transportation, public utilities, recreation and open space, farmland preservation and environmental resources.


Go Lions!  !  Todd Osborn, Superintendent




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