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FFA Updates

LU FFA Update!

February 2019

Spotlight: Officer Books

This month, the Treasurers, Reporters, and Secretaries have spent many hours to finish and perfect their officer books. The officer books will be judged based upon rubrics set by the state FFA. The rubrics are different for each office. The Treasurer’s rubric says the book must include all financial information about the chapter along with the book being organized. The Reporter’s rubric says the book must contain all digital and print media, and the book must have an “artistic expression” while being organized. The Secretaries rubric says the book must be organized and contain chapter attendance, who the officers are, what the committees do, and more. The books will either earn a gold, silver, bronze, or honorable mention rating, gold being the best rating you can earn. The officer books were turned in February the fourth.

The Treasurer's book, Secretaries book, and Reporters book, all earned a gold rating. Congratulations to Lindsey Robinson, Skylar Bader, Drew Walker, Ethan Kaper, Emilee Powers, and Raymond Chesnut for creating the gold rated books.

The January FFA meeting took place in the high school auditorium. The Ag safety committee played a Jeopardy about safety with the students and gave the winning team a lot of candy. All students, even the students on the losing teams, had a lot of fun. For recreation after the meeting, the students had two choices of what they could do. The first choice was to play Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart in two of the classrooms. The second choice was to watch the boys varsity basketball game.

The Ohio Ag Power Diagnostics CDE online exam was recently taken by the Ag Power class. This exam is taken each year by the Ag Power class for the few kids who are participating in the Ag Power Diagnostics CDE.

Congratulations to all Public Speaking CDE contestants! Mya Gorsuch won the county extemporaneous speech competition. Melaina McCleese earned second in the advanced creed competition. Skylar Bader earned second in the prepared speech competition. Hailey Courts also earned second place, though, in the beginning prepared speech competition. Alex Shy earned third in the creed competition. All speakers will participate at District Public Speaking on February 13th at Amanda Clearcreek High School.

Coming up on February 16th through the 23rd will be FFA week. Each day the students will be wearing different themed clothes. On Tuesday of that week, students will dress country because it’s “Yee Haw” day. On Wednesday students will wear clothes supporting the Liberty Union FFA chapter. Thursday is America day and, finally, Friday will be “flannel Friday.”

Up and coming events of February

February 9th: Ag Industrial Power Contest

February 13th: District Public Speaking

February 18th-23rd: National FFA Week