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Firefighter Santa
The Basil Joint Fire District has begun the annual Firefighter Santa program for 2020.  Traditionally the Firefighter Santa program relies on conventional face-to-face distribution of "help forms" with the assistance of the LU-T administration to identify and distribute these forms to those who might qualify for help.  With the current pandemic we have again partnered with the LU-T schools to help us distribute these forms in a safe manner by making these forms available on their website.  If you or someone you know might qualify for help please download and print this form and return it to the Basil Joint Fire District Firefighter Santa program Firefighter Santa:
410 Washington StreetBaltimore, Ohio 43105  740-862-8596 Forms have to be to the Basil Joint Fire District no later than 11/30/2020.
If you have questions about the program or need help please contact Lt. Steve Denney - 740-862-8596.

Download Form Here
Attachments Available To Download:
Firehouse Santa Form
Firehouse Santa Form (RTF)