Student Meal Services
The Monday, August 3rd food pick up will be the last 7 day meal service pickup at no charge. On Monday, August 10th food pick up will be for 2 days at no charge.

Wednesday, August 12th is the first day of school. On this date, only Liberty Union students will be able to receive food service.  Any meals picked up by Liberty Union remote learners starting August 12th will be charged according to the students meal, reduced, or paid. Food pick up will be available each Monday as long as remote learning is taking place.  

Please email or text Jan Friedrich if you plan to pick up food each week moving forward. or 614-579-8807.  

News & Announcements

August 3rd Update

To All Connected to Liberty Union-Thurston Schools,

           Obviously, the beginning of this school year will look different than previous years. August 12th is the first day of school. On August 12, 13, and 14 students should complete the following tasks at home in preparation for learning the following week. 
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July 31 Update

July 31, 2020

To All Connected to Liberty Union-Thurston Schools,

          Many people have asked, What will be different for remotely learning in the fall of 2020 from the spring of 2020?  The Liberty Union Schools have been busy preparing for the reopening of school.  The current plan is to return with 100% remote learning -- Public Health Alert System Level 3 Color Red and Liberty Union Schools Tier 3. Yes, this is the same delivery method that we moved to in March, but some things will be different now than in the spring:

  • Many curriculum products have been digitized to be offered in a remote learning setting

  • Teachers will be provided on-going professional development through an Ashland University online course entitled Online Education Best Practices

  • Teacher expectations have been developed regarding: communication, weekly schedule of assignments, office hours, and online teaching; additionally teachers will be in the school buildings with access to all of their instructional materials

  • Attendance Guidelines have been provided by the Ohio Department of Education

  • Parent tutorials are being made to help assist with technology and curriculum resources

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Elementary Class Lists

Attention LUES Families!  Due to CoVid-19, class list postings are going to look a little different this year.  In an effort to keep everyone safe and distanced, we are posting class lists online.  Please find the lists below.  Click on the appropriate grade level link and type in the password assigned to the grade level, and class lists will appear for families to view.  If you have any questions, please contact the elementary office at 740.862.4143.
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Student Chromebook Repairs or Requests

To All Connected to Liberty Union-Thurston Schools,
      The Technology Department would like to provide the opportunity for students to have their school Chromebooks repaired, current students to receive a Chromebook if one was not needed at the end of last school year, or to provide new students to LU-T with a Chromebook  for remote learning.  Please watch this short video for directions for appointment scheduling, then click on the links below to schedule an appointment at the appropriate building:
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July 30th Update


The parent portal is open for parents to complete annual enrollment forms. These forms will allow parents to update information as well as indicate if they will be choosing remote learning even when schools return to in person instruction. Additionally, these forms will allow parents to request transportation, again in the event that we return to in person schooling. Here are video tutorials to assist you.  

How to login or create a LU Parent Portal account


How to complete your's child's LU Parent Portal online forms

Please complete these forms by August 4th

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July 29th Update

Please read the attachment regarding details of the reopening of school 2020.  
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July 24th - Approved Reopening Plan

The Liberty Union-Thurston Local Schools Reset, Restart, Reopening Plan is attached in its entirety.  The last page of the document is a summary of the tiered system of opening that was approved by the School Board on July 22nd.  Details regarding adequate staffing needs and drinking fountains were added to page 9. 
Specific details of reopening will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.  These will include class lists/student schedules, virtual tours of the schools, and minor changes to school handbooks.  The Administration Team has been diligently working on these detailed plans and they are almost finalized for publication. 
The first day of school is still set for August 12th. At this time with Fairfield County at the Red Level, we will begin with 100% remote learning.  Communication will be forthcoming regarding activities to complete at home in preparation to begin the school year.  
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